Where There's Water, There Must Be Shore

by What's Left Of The Trees

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"Where There's Water, There Must Be Shore" was recorded at Adorea Studio in Hamden, CT.

Special thanks to Michael DiCrescenzo for recording, engineering, mixing, and mastering the record. We love you :D Also to Travis Bell, for having awesome snakeskin shoes.



released April 16, 2010

All songs written and performed by What's Left Of The Trees.
What's Left Of The Trees is Adam Glazer and Mike DellaGioia.




What's Left Of The Trees

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Track Name: Wake Me! You're Not Waking Me!
Hollowed hands reach out for hungry fish without making a sound.
My muted mouth shines clouded out through acres of clouds.
A red bicycle lays rusting as the rain falls down.
I was scared.
I was quiet and cold.
I'm not waking up.
Take me where the sea and the sky collide
Sleeping, it didn't mean I wasn't in the corridor or waiting for the sunshine.
Wake me...you're not waking me.
Track Name: Always Was
So many things have to change before I can say I have been learning and on feeling helpless, you know it's alright; if I wanted you to care, I wouldn't be here.
So I kept crawling, I was cautious, but optimistic and I wasn't surprised to find you still sleeping, this isn't just about me anymore.

No...and I ain't coming down...and I...

I was underneath and open canopy where all the colors and the shapes created a city and all the streets were monochrome, all my thought were audible.
I've been disappointed every single time.

Please tell me about what it was like to be aware.
I'm not sure if you ever were, but I don't seem to care.
Sure, I never knew what it was like to be aware.
You can believe what you want, but I don't believe this is about me anymore.

What is always was and forever will be.
You can't differentiate between the pen and the ink.
Our problem isn't the result, you're being difficult.
Open like ivory, these hands are not my own.
Track Name: As Long As We're Being Honest
For how long you were gone, oh how little I have done.
My brother's diagnosed numeric, his fingered palms/psalms sewn to threaded.
Split tongues' asking for a place to bleed, a crowed mouth struggles to speak through muted sheets, through crooked teeth.

Fill all my pockets with silver and gold, a paled yellowed wind caught my skin and turned it all to gray.
Who am I to say? Who and I stay? Am I to lay where I lie?
Empty all the rivers of their water and stone, all I ever was all I ever had to stay.
Now the ocean came and washed my love away.
Am I to lay where I lie or am I to never change?
A skeleton is just that as skin is without it's frame.
My hands will love, my lungs will flood and I'm gonna learn until I die.

A muted sun shines clouded mouthed through the shade.
I caught my skin grasping for the wind, can't you stay to save my name?
Where there's water there must be shore, where there's love there must be more.

As long as we're being honest, this is all I ever had and nothing is gonna change.
Track Name: All That Gold
Between you and me, I ain't never seen a fire so bright it could make me weep.
Burn so bright it would blind my eyes, I can't see, but I can speak.
Every anchor laid in every acre of sand. I create to keep our sails full, keep ourselves afloat. We are all waiting for the water and the shore to keep our hands filled with words we now never need to say.

All that gold is gonna keep my eyes closed.
No more hands in the dirt, no more cracks in these palms, just that ivory white moon in my mouth.
The good word is gonna keep these eyes closed.
We've been praying for days for that sun or the rain, but that sun won't come up, all that dirt is still dust.

I was scared of my name until the water's weight left my lungs.
Track Name: Sugar and Brass
If it weren't for the confines of my coffin, I'd drift out to sea again.
The wetwood cracked, your calico cat on my bed, will I see again?
My name was only split between your parchment and your paper, will I see again?

All I know is all I know and all I know is true.

Without the moon, you'll never see the sea rise in front of me.
My arms reach out in all directions, if my hands were lungs...I'd let them.

You're sugar and brass.
All you have to do is ask and you can have what's mine.
I don't think he minds, cause you ain't mine.
Your water and glass, you mix it with the concrete and the sand, make it last.
I don't think you're mine, cause you ain't mine.

If my hands were lungs, I'd let them breathe.
If my hands were tongues, I'd let them bleed.